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Dean i Sam od dzieciństwa przygotowywani byli do misji, która stanowi sens ich życia. Teraz Sam chce studiować prawo, żyć spokojnie i normalnie.

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The country’s next president will have a lot to choose from because there are many “very good bankers outside and inside the BSP,” Montinola said when asked who he thinks would succeed Tetangco.

Na spotkaniu "Anonimowych Łakomczuchów", Mike spotyka Molly Flynn, krągłą nauczycielkę z dużym poczuciem humoru.

Dziewczyna mieszka z siostrą Victorią i matką Joyce, które są szczupłymi kobietami i nie ułatwiają Molly zrzucania zbędnych kilogramów.

Oficer Mike Biggs jest dobrodusznym policjantem z nadwagą, który pragnie schudnąć.

Wspomaga go w tym jego partner Carl Mc Millan, szczupły, szybko mówiący mądrala.

The MMS deals directly with the rudiments of monetary principles, such as money supply, inflation, dollar reserves and balance of payments.

The SES deals directly with banks and all cash-disbursing entities operating in the country while the RMS is in charge of making sure there is enough supply of banknotes, coins.

Under the BSP Act of 1993, anyone among its three deputy governors (DGs) is qualified to become head of the agency that regulates banks, pawnshops, remittance centers and moneychangers.

Tetangco was head of the central bank’s MMS when he was named governor, thus becoming the second BSP insider to head the BSP in 2005, after Gabriel Singson in 1993.

Although they tend to roll at a pretty slow rate they are miserable rollers and so I would never say that they are seakindly.

I followed a fellow who was restoring one of these turkeys and there was almost nothing that was done well.

Jeff from a CT 41 owner, with 25 knts of wind, a 120 jib and a reefed main she does 7 to 8 knts with a max of 8.4 by the Autohelm meter and 6.8 to 7.6 knts with a max of 8.1 by the Garmin GPS off the wind.