Hiv poz dating sites

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Hiv poz dating sites

So it wasn't the porn industry which killed them, it was a virus no one knew existed, took precautions against, and for which in those days, there was not anything remotely like a cure.

He kept telling me he was straight, and I kept telling him I didn't care, but I had 0 and lured him to my apartment for some drunk sex. That's not becoming "straight." After the billions of men he fucked on camera and his long term affairs with Colton Ford and Jason Branch, he can only ever, ever be bisexual. Turn fundie/straight, Get AIDS, overdose, become real estate agents, escort, etc..grow old into obscurity and wish that no one finds them.

Chase, Andrews, Spears and Cameron all did some work in the last ten years, but I haven't heard of any work they've done for five years or more. Spencer Reed married some German guy with a good job-a doctor or something I think.

You meet a multi-millionaire clothes designer, fuck him silly, tell him you love him, and watch the $ flow into your life.

To call them big stars is an exaggeration.[quote]WHET Danny Sommers? He is currently in marketing for a national, well-known consumer site.

He has done very well in his last two jobs in the same field, and was eagerly hired for the job he has now.

My profuse apologies for not hunting down your masturbatory fantasies via private detective and immediately providing photographic evidence of their up to the minute appearances!

By the way, you needed a comma in that sentence, you illiterate cuntress. Big guy - not like a lot of these guys who are miniatures, in person.

So many of them just vanish utterly when their time is up: Tom Chase, Travis Wade, Eric Hanson, Kevin Williams, Trent Reed, Jake Andrews, Zak Spears, Lane Fuller, Derek Cameron...

all of them were big stars fifteen years ago and now you never hear about them. Isn't it also true that some of them try to seek out a sugar daddy so they can live the rest of their lives comfortably?

He is an active volunteer for charitable hunger and education causes in his spare time. Aiden Shaw is now a hot silver daddy fashion model.

We're old pals (yes, he fucked the bejeezuz outta me a few times), and he makes more money now than when he did in pron, and he doesn't even have to take his clothes off.

Saw muscle daddy Zac Spears in his driveway, watering, last week - lives behind Pavillions, in We Ho, on Keith Ave. Tom Chase turns up in some Colt stuff once in a while these days.

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    In the future, please know that we will continue to work collaboratively with law enforcement and determine what information can be released on a case by case basis.

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