Holly marie combs and brian krause dating

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Holly marie combs and brian krause dating

Holly actually knew her Charmed co-star, Brian Krause (Leo) years before they started working together.

Charmed star Alyssa Milano has said of Holly's comedic gifts, "She can be dry like Bob Newhart or physically hilarious." Best friend Shannen Doherty added, "Holly's fiery and feisty.

Since 2005, Holly became a spokesperson for Ortho Women's Health which encourages women to visit their gynecologist and feel comfortable talking about issues to their doctor.

She was also Austins Animal Services spokesperson for the 2011 campaign, "Summer of Love" to encourage animal lovers to foster a dog or a cat.

When she was younger she had a Siberian husky named Wiley, which was given to her by Actor, Don Johnson.

Fav Book: 'Practical Magic' by Alice Hoffman and 'The Garden of Eden' by Ernest Hemingway. It's pure escapism to another time and place."Fav shows: The X-Files, Friends and Desperate Housewives. She hates: To be naked in movies because when she was 21 she went topless for a few seconds in 'A reason to believe' and didn't think anything of it (She didn't read the script, and by the time she got there is was too late to turn back), then all of a sudden the pictures were all over the internet and captured in 15 different poses.

Holly also has four rabbits (Two of them are named Thumper and Jack), and koi fish!

She did have a a turtle but she had to re-home it when she had Finley because of a salmonella risk, so it went to a nice big pond in her friends backyard.Since then the Hair Glove has had a reasonable amount of sales.Holly herself has also set a trend with her eyebrows, because of the very slight yet well defined arch she has. People are selling Brow Stencils so that people can have eyebrows like Holly's.In 2002 she did a semi topless shot for the magazine 'Stuff' and due to people editing and adding to the picture I don't think she'll be doing that again for a while.When on the set of Charmed, Holly and Shannen looked in the mirror at what they were wearing and then all of a sudden the mirror fell and broke without them even touching it, making the crew think they were real witches.I knew she'd be perfect [for Charmed]." At the beginning of series one, Holly was asked by the produces to wear a special padded bra, because they thought that Holly looked underprivileged next door to Alyssa and Shannen.

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