Hot chat room in phils

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Hot chat room in phils

Younes, a 42-year-old accountant at a saffron-importing company, like most of the group’s thousand or so members, had lost his savings when a financial firm promising huge returns went bankrupt amid bad investments and corruption.

Our 0,000 Options Opportunity Portfolio, which you can follow at Seeking Alpha, is only up 3.3% because we're down 0 on our TZA hedge while, in the 0,000 LTP, CASH!!!

Facts don't matter in this market – it's all about the momentum at this point and, tempting though it may be, we're not placing many bets against it though shorting Futures at 6,700 with tight stops above is a no-brainer – as it limits your losses but not your gains (see yesterday's Report).

We took a poke short in yesterday's Live Trading Webinar but then decided long was a better play after losing 5 but now we're done with those and flipping short at the same(ish) levels we shorted on Tuesday afternoon.

For LIVE access to PSW's Weekly Webinars – demonstrating trading strategies in real time – join us at PSW — click here! We waited all year for the markets to pull back and all we got was a lousy 50-point correction?

This market is completely nuts and this morning the Futures already have us back at the 6,700 line on the Nasdaq () is testing despite disappointing demand numbers in yesterday's inventory report.

by ilene - January 12th, 2018 pm Courtesy of Joshua M Brown Here’s something you may not have known – that massive protest in Iran was initially caused by a financial fraud that wiped out people’s savings when they thought the central bank had their back and it didn’t…

Via the Wall Street Journal: The call to protest came through a group channel on the smartphone app Telegram.

We saw how quickly gains could evaportate yesterday but, if those weak retrace lines keep holding up, we may be consolidating for a breakout to new highs, rather than correcting from our New Year's rally.

Yesterday's strong 10-year note auction alleviated fears in the bond market but that may have been because we sold Bn in debt at 2.6%, the highest level since last March.

And so that’s how a financial crime wave turned into an anti-government insurgency within hours of the protests beginning.

Once upon a time, Puff Daddy starred on an MTV show called “Making the Band“, in which he served as producer and manager for a group of aspiring rappers in New York City.

One of the first lessons he had to impress upon the kids was that as entertainers and rap stars, they could get away with a whole lot of stuff – partying, trashing hotel rooms, getting with females and whatever else. Posted in Appears on main page, Immediately available to public, Phil's Favorites | No Comments » by phil - January 12th, 2018 am What a great start to the year!

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