Houston dating sites for married couples

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Houston dating sites for married couples - appassionata 1974 online dating

"I am not planning to get married - I'm not even gay - but I'm here to show my support for the Constitution that says all people are created equal," said Elisa Rosenthal, an Austin bookkeeper who stopped by the clerk's office during her lunch hour.

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart began issuing same-sex marriage licenses at 3 p.m.Among them was Dwight Sullivan of Galveston, who said he and his staff spoke with about a dozen same-sex couples inquiring about licenses Friday.Sullivan recalled the disappointment of one particular couple, whom he described as "very excited to get married." "I guess their time has come," he said.Among the crowd in the echoing hallway outside the clerk's office, couples shifted from foot to foot as they charged their depleted cell phones.A little girl walked down the line handing out roses.following a legal confrontation with the county attorney's office.

less The first same-sex and transgender couples began waiting in line for the state to issue marriage licenses at the Harris County Civil Courthouse on Friday morning, June 26. more A traditional husband and wife wedding painting hangs on the wall of the County Clerks Office while Carly Kinslow, left, and partner Jenifer Wagley, of Katy, exit after filing for a marriage license at Harris County Civil Courthouse Friday, June 26, 2015, in Houston.Around noon, Stanart's delays led to a showdown with County Attorney Vince Ryan, who jumped into the fray with a memo."Our opinion is that the law requires that you immediately begin to issue marriage licenses to all qualified applicants without regard to gender," wrote Ryan, who announced he would seek a court order compelling Stanart to move forward. "I don't think we can wait any longer." A Harris County civil court judge then arrived to offer expedited marriages on the spot to any couples who wanted one.Some wore rainbow-colored hats and shirts emblazoned with the gay pride flag.Others gave flower bouquets to the smiling licensees.Family and friends huddled around with flowers and wedding rings, cell phones to take photos.

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