How to answer online dating profile questions

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How to answer online dating profile questions

When you know what you want, it’s much easier to recognize what you don’t want.

One particularly popular paragraph dealt with the fun of selling wrapping paper for the kids.The best way to learn about online dating and to make your profile stand out is to read the profile of your competition. Simply tell the truth about what you like doing now; should you become a wine connoisseur later, you can certainly update your profile.I wonder how many people really tell the truth here about their eating and exercise habits, drinking, smoking, and income?Writing text that is both funny and VERY detailed and specific about your life tends to cut out the curiosity seekers and weirdos from responding.The more detail you provide, the easier it is for other people to decide whether they match to you.It seems like this would be an easy enough task to complete, but you might be surprised at how quickly everything can go wrong based on misuse and misunderstanding of these two little features.

If I had a dime for every profile I have read so far where the guy writing said the last book he’d read was Dan Brown’s (which, hello – came out in 2003!

It’s shocking how many people write the same stuff!! Then make sure you don’t make your profile read like theirs.

I know that some of these questions are good ice-breakers, and ought to be out there so people can decide whether or not you are interesting enough to contact, but some of these just seem so artificial. ” Why not just admit that you are too busy to read instead of listing a five-year-old book? – Wayne would you set yourself up for disappointment by fishing for a match who thinks that you like these things?

This bit of writing is supposed to give the reader, your potential match, enough information about you to create an illusion of knowing you, without telling him or her enough to scare them away.

The pictures you post are supposed to complement the profile, while giving an accurate idea of how you look now – not some fuzzy lighted “Glamor Shot”, and definitely not a picture from 20 years ago.

A girl who tends to stress about everything and nothing when a deadline is approaching, who gets irritated easily when people are stupid, a girl who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

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