Iklan baris tribun jabar online dating

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Iklan baris tribun jabar online dating

One of the founders of Fine Arts in Field Force (1945) is then joined the studio seniman Indonesia muda Yogyakarta (under the care of S. Through his acquaintance with the literary artist who often gathered together the painters in the way of Garuda, he finally gradually became interested in writing activities.Year 1949 worked in Balai Pustaka as a illustrator.

Born in Perbaungan, North Sumatra, December 24, 1924. Both his parents came from Minangkabau, Padang, West Sumatra.

After stopping work at the Central Library, iakembali to Yogyakarta.

In 1952, he worked as a an employee on Section Artistry, Bureau of Culture, the Department of Education and of Culture, Yogyakarta, worked in part fine arts.

In addition, he also became editor of the magazine Culture (1955-1962). The work he wrote while working at the magazine, among others, Black Spots (1956), a bit of singing Sunda (1957), and Bridge Gondolayu (1957). In addition to writing in the magazine Culture, he also wrote in the magazine Sunday morning news dansurat Sovereignty of the People. The resulting first novel is Gone The Prodigal Son.

The work was later translated by Farida Soemargono Labrousse into French under the title Le Depart de L’Enfant Proddigue (1979).

He also managed to attend school junior in 1941, but did not graduate. Initially working as porters at the airport roughly Polonia, Medan.

With the provision of intelligence to paint, he then worked in the office Bukaka, a Japanese propaganda office.Thing it then demonstrated by the writings that that creates during he worked in Balai Pustaka, such as, his poems who titled Refugees.Other works who were created is the story pictorial for children-children, Hang Tuah (1952) and Si Pai Bengal (1952), which then published by the Balai Pustaka. Indopersda Primamedia Jl Palmerah Selatan 3 Jakarta, Indonesia 10270 Telp :62-21 5483863, 54895395, 5494999, 5301991 Fax : 62-21 5495360. His father and his mother named Haji Djamin named Siti Here. Among the brothers Nasjah Djamin, Nasjah Djamin who have artistic talent.Another novel he has written are the strands of Sakura Fall (1964), Kuala Lumpur Night (1968), The Found Road (1981), and even Dusk Snow (1982), Top Tresna Tresna (1983), Three Cigarette Butt (1985 ), as well as Waves and Sand (1988).

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