Illinois online dating bill

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You can find more info on those bottle base variations by searching the internet with the phrase “liquor bottle permit numbers”.Also, there are several posts (scattered through the comments farther down on this page) where we have discussed this question.

Rauner vetoed the spending bill but the state legislature overrode that veto.

Within a year or two, most glass insulators produced at Muncie were carrying date codes.

Owens-Illinois continued to have the great majority of insulators marked with the “HEMINGRAY” brand name, with very few exceptions in later years.

(The second most common mark encountered is probably that of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company.) Owens-Illinois took over operation of the Hemingray Glass Company factory, located in Muncie, Indiana, in 1933.

Hemingray was a prolific maker of electrical insulators (of many types and sizes) for power lines, telegraph, telephone and other uses.

Walker and Rauner are both up for re-election in 2018.

By submitting your email address you agree to be sent information about Electronic Filing and other notices from the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County.(Photo courtesy of Taylor Mc Burney) " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="wp-image-1921 size-large" title="Base of Yacht Club Beverages ACL soda bottle, bearing 1966 date code along with older mark.(Photo courtesy of Taylor Mc Burney)" src="https:// alt="Base of Yacht Club Beverages ACL soda bottle, bearing 1966 date code along with older mark.Some bottle molds already in use were not re-engraved until as late as 1957, 1958, 1959, even, as mentioned, in 1966. “OWENS” appears on the base of some clear prescription bottles.Illustrated among the pics on this page is the base of a bottle made at the Columbus, Ohio facility (plant #18) with a date code of “7” which in this case probably stands for 1937.Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

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