Intimidating personality meaning

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Intimidating personality meaning

Whether you are seeking advice on how to deal with a toxic friend or family member, hostile workplace environment, or abuse recovery in general, this gender-neutral self-help website is DEVOTED to the rational, academic discussion of “Narcissistic Abuse”, “Cluster B” personality disorders, “C-PTSD”, how to go “Gray Rock”, “No Contact, and (of course) their “Flying Monkey” enablers.Why do we share good news about narcissistic abuse recovery being possible?

In many cases a Narcissist, Sociopath, Narcopath, or other domineering and toxic person will use them to relay hurtful, intimidating, or “trigger” messages to a victim.

Welcome them to Narcissistic Abuse recovery by letting them know a list of relevant key terms to look up and share the link with them to -- or any other Narcissistic Abuse Recovery website! Narcy people tend to flock together in predatory packs, striving to impress their role models on their quest to make themselves feel powerful — something more than they actually are…

Enablers strive to be a legitimized, praised, and valid social success.

They themselves participate in mobbing, and they seem to love standing on the sidelines watching bullying.

They are the classic schoolyard loser kids who stand and encircle a scapegoat child so that a bigger bully can pummel or humiliate a weaker or more helpless (and most likely) terrified little kid.

Here are just a few of their more common narcissistic abuse tactics: People who bait, covertly manipulate, manufacture chaos, and triangulate all can and should be considered Narcissistic Abuse perpetrators.

While they may seem like nice people on the surface, when left to their own devices they actively and passive-aggressively pretend not to notice when overlooking things like bullying, targeting, scapegoating, drug or alcohol abuse, problem drinkers, perverts who use and abuse others, and domestic violence.However, in truth they are nothing more than aspiring predators at best; all meet the social and emotional criteria of weak Covert Narcissists, noting that covert is the psychological term referring to men or women that our grandparents and great-grandparents probably referred to as people with “Passive-Aggressive” behavior.The term FM was adapted for use by self-help advocates to use due to the compelling imagery in the 1939 classic film.Technically speaking, they are even more karmically liable than overt abusers themselves.Once you figure out their personality type matches the pattern, it’s almost impossible to view them or abusive people in a more serious way.We have little to no patience for people who partner up knowingly with stronger abusers in order to self-promote then are dismayed when and if their relationship proves to be based on nothing more than love fraud, trauma bonding, or gaslighting issues.

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