Invalidating cache at path restkit

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In many cases, the team responsible for an application's health is not the network services team which is the typical point of access to the BIG-IP.For large organizations with process overhead in generating tickets, invalidating cache can take time. So the request has come in quite frequently..."How can I invalidate cache remotely?

You can also set thresholds and durations, but again since I am not measuring anything, that isn't necessary.

For users of the library uninterested in doing development, we recommend using the versioned binary packages for the simplicity of installation.

If you wish to install as a submodule or build the library yourself, please refer to the documentation available on Github.

Rest Kit’s primary goal is to allow the developer to think more in terms of their application’s data model and worry less about the details of sending requests, parsing responses, and building representations of remote resources.

Rest Kit is available as a downloadable binary package, as a versioned snapshot, or as a Git submodule if you wish to track mainline development.

This function fails if there are any handles opened against the file either by the same process or by a different process on the local computer.

When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.The Dav Invalidate Cache function marks the contents of the locally cached file (for the specified URL) for deletion.If this function succeeds, the local file cache is no longer valid.Rest Kit is designed to make common tasks as straightforward and simple as possible.In this section we will run through many common tasks in the library and focus on code samples to help you get started with the library.This article will feature the use of the triggered i Call handler to allow a user to submit a http request to invalidate the cache served up for an application managed by the Application Acceleration Manager.