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His musical interests began to expand after he joined his middle-school choir.He was named the Best Songwriter of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine in 2008.

Late last year, Conor Oberst realized that he’d clawed apart his favorite guitar, a small, “parlor size” acoustic he’d bought from a boutique luthier in Austin, Texas.

In early January, just before he was due to embark on a tour of Australia with his recently reunited punk outfit, Desaparecidos, Oberst issued a statement vehemently denying Faircloth’s allegations.

He claimed that he had never met her, and, after she had repeatedly refused to retract her statements publicly, Oberst and his legal team decided to file a libel suit seeking up to one million dollars in damages, which, if successful, his camp would donate to charities supporting the victims of violence against women.

His father, Matthew Ryan Oberst Sr., was an information manager for Mutual of Omaha.

His mother, Nancy Oberst, was an elementary education director for Omaha Public Schools.

He is still delicate in build, still armed with an inky mess of fantastically disheveled, famously sculpted hair.

And as he might have been in 2001, he’s also wearing a tight, black Cursive T-shirt, a show of undying support for that band of older brothers, bandmates, and mentors from his native Omaha.Singer-songwriter best known for his work with Bright Eyes.He has also performed with the bands Park Ave., The Faint, and Monsters of Folk.The controversy comes at an especially difficult moment for Oberst.The Nebraska-bred singer-songwriter has struggled of late to equal the emotional impact audiences felt from a defining run of songs that vaulted him from cultish obscurity in Omaha to unenviable Dylan comparisons to protest performances alongside Springsteen to a symbolic appearance in Jonathan Franzen’s 2010 epic novel, .“I’d only had it for two years, but I’m sure my technique isn’t very sophisticated.”Oberst has just stepped out from underneath the lights of a small shared studio at CBS Interactive in midtown Manhattan, where he and his guitar-playing cousin-in-law, Steve Bartolomei, have just finished performing two songs from his forthcoming solo LP, , for a video segment to air on