Islamic views on interracial dating

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Islamic views on interracial dating - accomodating attention deficit disorder

In the 1960s, Indo-Fijians outnumbered the indigenous Fijians.

The Indo-Fijians are part of the south Asian diaspora (a community of ethnically related displaced peoples) that includes the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, Trinidad in the Caribbean, Guyana in South America, South Africa, and North America.As a result, Hinduism is the major religion among Indo-Fijians.Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, meaning Hindus believe in a variety of gods.The epic drama of Rama and Sita is performed at most religious festivals.The Indian laborers brought their religions with them to Fiji.Other secular holidays include the Queen's Birthday, Boxing Day, and Fiji Day.

Indo-Fijians perform rituals at important transitional stages of the life cycle: birth, marriage, and death.The system was created to provide cheap workers for British colonies after the abolition of slavery in Britain and its colonies in 1833.The first indentured laborers from India arrived in Fiji in 1879 and the indenture system lasted until 1916.Pujas take place on birthdays and other special occasions when it is appropriate to give thanks for good fortune and blessings.Muslim Indo-Fijians observe the fasting and prayer practices during the month of Ramadan.Each god has specific characteristics, functions, and powers.

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