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Sections of the flute part of the recording of the song were found to be based on "Kookaburra", written in 1932 by Marion Sinclair.

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The balls on the map represent the 10 countries where a search term had the highest probability of occurring.In May 2001, Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) celebrated its 75th anniversary by naming the Best Australian Songs between 19, as decided by a 100 strong industry panel, "Down Under" was ranked as the fourth song on the list.In 2007, on the ABC-TV quiz show Spicks and Specks the question was posed "What children's song is contained in the song Down Under?Hay has also stated that the same ominous sentiment lies behind the choral line, Can't you hear that thunder? and a remixed version appears during the closing credits of Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.Men at Work played this song in the closing ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, alongside other Australian artists.Explore how similar queries were searched throughout the world by selecting one of the comparable terms.

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"Down Under" is a song recorded by Australian rock band Men at Work.

It was originally released in 1980 as the B-side to their first local single titled "Keypunch Operator", released before the band signed with Columbia Records.

The song also contains the refrain, where beer does flow and men chunder.

To "chunder" means to vomit."The chorus is really about the selling of Australia in many ways, the overdevelopment of the country.

In June 2009, 28 years after the release of the recording, Larrikin Music sued Men At Work for copyright infringement, alleging that part of the flute riff of "Down Under" was copied from "Kookaburra".

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