Jehovah witness disfellowshipped dating

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Jehovah witness disfellowshipped dating - kournikova dating

But it’s okay to eat the cheese, crust, tomato, salami, etc. Flip-Flops and Misrepresentation Most Witnesses don’t know that from 1934 to 1945, the organization allowed blood transfusions.

However, studies are showing that this clotting product, when given to healthy people, can and is causing heart attacks and strokes.

Now, I ascribe to no religious affiliation and I have that right.

OK, let’s look at that Declaration further: It says human beings have the right to change religions. I was born into a Catholic family and changed to Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was 14. magazine and tens of millions of copies were distributed by JWs.

“From 1919 through 1988, petitions and appeals in a total of 138 cases involving JWs were made to the U. They had the lawful right to preach in unorthodox places using unorthodox methods. The leadership makes sure they don’t forget how fortunate they are to have the “Truth” that no other religion has.

They won for themselves and all other religious groups, constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and worship. Since I have been guaranteed the most important of the freedoms JWs fought so hard for, freedom of expression, I’ll acquaint you with the harmful side of this organization and why I say they are now the oppressors.

Although these so-called components or “fractions” are made from blood, Witness leaders tell followers that each fraction is a “minute” part of blood so it’s okay.

The truth is that all of these “minute” fractions would equal a whole unit of blood if added together! In brief, Jehovah’s Witnesses’ blood fraction policy is akin to not allowing a slice of pizza to be eaten.

I have this excellent magazine that discusses Help for Sufferers of Depression.” Sound familiar? They frown on wild parties; illegal drugs and guns.

The Witnesses call themselves a brotherhood and claim good association with like-minded people who obey God’s word.

“Hello, I’m stopping by briefly to share with you some good news. In this audience are people who have done the knocking and given a similar message to the person who opened the door. They don’t handle snakes, rip your heart out, or make you drink poisoned Kool Aid. They don’t steal, kill, smoke cigarettes or marijuana, and cursing is frowned upon.

Many people feel under pressure because of the stressful times in which we live. Or some of you have heard such a message from Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs). They have less health problems—no lung cancer from smoking, no AIDS.

Sometimes when someone loses family, they take their life.