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These fragile pieces of parchment and papyrus, including the oldest existing copies of the Hebrew Bible, were preserved for two thousand years by the hot, dry desert climate and the darkness of the caves where they were placed.The scrolls provide an unprecedented picture of the diverse religious beliefs of ancient Judaism, and of daily life during the turbulent Second Temple period when Jesus lived and preached.

The Aramaic Apocryphon of Daniel describes either a messianic figure or a boastful ruler that will arise as “Son of God” or “Son of the Most High”, like the apocalyptic redeemer in the biblical book of Daniel.

This particular fragment, from a Greek translation of the Minor Prophets discovered in the Cave of Horror at Nahal Hever, contains a prophecy of Micah about the End of Days and the rise of a ruler out of Bethlehem.

Non-biblical texts discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls offer us a tantalizing glimpse of life during the Second Temple period and the opportunity to understand the attitudes, desires and aspirations of the people of that time.

(Old Testament) a collection of written scrolls (containing nearly all of the Old Testament) found in a cave near the Dead Sea in the late 1940s; "the Dead Sea Scrolls provide information about Judaism and the Bible around the time of Jesus" discovered in Cave 1 above Qumran near the Dead Sea in 1947, now in the Shrine of the Book, Jerusalem, and a further three fragments from Cave 4, now in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum in Amman, Jordan., entdeckt in Höhle 1 bei Qumran am Toten Meer 1947, heute im Schrein des Buches in Jerusalem, und drei weiterer Fragmente aus Höhle 4, heute in der Sammlung des Archäologischen Nationalmuseums in Amman, Jordanien.

Desgleichen verbarg man die Rollen vom Toten Meer offensichtlich aus Sicherheitsgründen in Höhlen nahe dem Wadi Qumran, nw.

Jahrhundert stammenden Rolle vom Toten Meer mit der Bezeichnung 4QSama sind kurz vor 1.

Samuel 11:1 folgende Worte eingefügt: „[Na]hasch, König der Kinder Ammons, unterdrückte arg die Kinder Gads und die Kinder Rubens, und er bohrte a[llen] das rechte Auge aus und verbreitete Ang[st und Schrecken] in Israel.This fragment preserves a blessing to be recited by the leader of the surviving community upon their victory in the final battle, at the end of time: “God Most High will bless you and shine his face upon you, and he will open for you his rich storehouse in the heavens.” God and his holy angels will bestow abundance and fertility upon the holy congregation, and protect them from plagues and wild animals. Yadin 44 70 years after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, a charismatic leader known as Shimon Bar Kokhba arose to lead a band of rebels intent on regaining Jewish autonomy.Documents from the Bar Kokhba caves are evidence of this tumultuous revolt in .At other sites, the major finds were administrative and personal documents dating from the catastrophic Judean revolt against Rome in The Community Rule contains laws and rules meant for members of a group termed the “Yahad”, or “Community.” The regulations offer insights into the religious and social lives of this group, which some scholars have identified with the Essenes, a Jewish sect at the time of the Second Temple.This selected text describes the structure of leadership within this hierarchical, priestly society.The fragment shown here deals with the prohibition against the ancient cultic practice of sacrificing children to the Semitic god Molech, and the punishments for violating this ban.