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I am not sure which season or time of day it could work for... The composition is quiet surprising with sweet and bitter notes,well blended,creating a masterpiece . Still, I can't help but feel like it's a perfume I should love in theory, but in practice just end up liking (much like Versace Crystal Noir).

Personnellement c’est surtout des fruits des bois que j'ai remarqués dans son sillage. I do like vanilla and I love sandalwood but this just smelled like plastic on my skin. But there is just something about it that rings synthetic and uninviting.To me it smells like fake VERY FAKE plastic-y vanilla and almonds... I don't pick up any other notes but that could simply be because I cannot get past that fake state it doesn't change at all..of good reviews on it and people loving it... 10/10 Countess Elizabeth Bathory in a derelict castle, laying back in a bath of vanilla Coke with split-open vanilla pods, tonka beans, blackberries and white flowers slowly floating around in the still, dark water, tilting her head back to take in the night sky through a gaping hole in the ceiling.I got it as a sample decant I will not be purchasing. Super strong with insane lasting power(lasts until the next day or even longer). Purple prose aside, the first formulation of Addict Ed P is remarkable.Sorry for those who have a different take on this but complete scrubber for me.I’m kind of surprised that Dior Addict made it so high on the list of best fragrances in the recently concluded Fragrantica poll.I've been waiting until the end of the month to review this since it was on my November perfume tray. The bottle is very, very old and it was her aunt's in the past.

It is a little less than half full and part of me wants to wear it all of the time while the other part of me wants to save it because I don't want to ever run out.Dior has a knack for these amazing vanilla scents, it’s hard to choose a favorite between this and Hypnotic Poison (I lean more towards Addict because I LOVE sandalwood)but they are both beautiful wardrobe worthy scents.I know I've smelled addict before but it was years ago.I had just gotten addict in a swap and I'm smitten! Having worn this a few times in the last two weeks or so, i would say addict is a fall/winter scent or for chilly spring nights.I visualize a confident woman wearing her little black dress and stilettos, holding a glass of champagne wearing addict. I had wanted to test this perfume for quite some time and when I finally got to do it I was so disappointed...Even though there's no nutmeg or cinnamon noted, it kinda smells like that! I imagine a sophisticated, elegant type of guy wearing this at a date night.

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