Kamenashi dating

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Kamenashi dating

I've just first watch you performance in Yongpal finish. Be the generous, honest, great survivor, and ground to earth Man. Sorry I meant to say cannot wait to see JW new drama and movie in 2016!!! Can play both protagonist and antagonist , even challenged "disable " character ? Honestly, Joo Won isnt much of a HOT guy but his acting talent made me fall for him. Pleased be know that there are fan from Thailand supporting you and await for your new role in My Sissy Girl, new drama, Be Fighting !!!! I love him as well as I love his characters and roles as one of Idol, and expecting much that he could be as great as his excellent roles and characters in his real life. I h Just wish you'll hv another team up with moon chae won ;) I love u both . OMG you are one of these actors which make me hook more in kdrama x D Bridal Mask , good doctor and Yong pal are these kind drama which I couldnt forget for long time...play more dramas ^^ Good luck oppa^^ I'm always support you ^^ Im an avid watcher of Running Man so I followed Lee Kwang Soo's dramas, then it led me to Gong Hyo Jin & Moon Chae Won and I was introduced to Joo Won.

After watching him in good doctor and yong pal, I search for another drama and binggo.. Oh joo-won oppa I really want to meet you, but you will die Do you know how much I miss thee and love to the point of death, till I cry when I sleep and I see you in my dream I beg you, give me a chance to meet you oppa Joo Won has gained my respect. Joo Won, is thoroughly my best actor that I've ever seen in 43 years of my ages in watching Asian and international movies and Drama.Whoever @Caiteline is makes me so happy thanks to your comment. I wouldn't say that his acting is phenomenal, but I love how he continues to challenge himself, takes acting seriously, and steadily improves through each drama.No matter what kind of role he has, viewers can see how much he has poured into acting.He hasn’t been around long but with all the dramas that he has been in, he has given life to each of the different characters he portrayed was a great accomplishment.I find Joo Won to be naturally handsome through his skills and professionalism and a great actor for this generation. Looking forward with this new drama of his I love this actor so much. I'm so SAD that I'll have to spend around two years without seeing him in anymore dramas because of his military service. We always here for you we love you and we look forward for your next project i hope it won't take long....because we're gonna missed you... He's such a great actor, singer, dancer as well, I keep on laughing while watching his video dancing the " nobody " he's so cute I just keep on watching everytime I'm bored it makes me sooo happy, he was very young then but he turn out more good looking now. Joo Won oppa watching you in Tomorrow's Cantible and Yong Pal has been such a blessing. I hope his latest drama, The Gang Doctor (Yong pal) will be another great drama. I look forward your new performances in current or next year.

Park Shi On is always be my favorite role from his works. Please JWsshi - do a k-drama for 2016 as we will miss you like crazy once you enter military service!!!!! Great performance in all his dramas especially good doctor, bridal mask, and Yong pal... I find him handsome and appealing in bridal mask ... I know that you're happy right now for the success that you're gaining right now you are up there the blessings continue pouring at you I hope you won't change stay sweet and humble keep your feet on the ground. In October 2013, Morgane remarked that Joo Won reminds her Johnny Depp. There absolutely are facial traits that are similar between the two men. And in Bridal Mask, I can finally see his excellent acting. My opinion changed I think you are the potential actor who can act well in all the designated character in that dramas.

I haven't watched all of his dramas, but I am very happy to see what he does.

In Bread, Love, and Dreams, he must learn how to bake.

they both connected to Moon Chae Won because they working to each other, nice in this generation joowon seyeon and chaewon are the new great actor and actresses I want they reunite in a great drama. He is simple, humble, consistent and well-mannered.

you really a god actor thats make me sad and happy all the time so i want to say thank you for thats and i want to be a doctor just like you play in the good doctor i know its acting but i want to be like that one day in a a doctor and have the heart that you have,thankkkkk youuuu so much First time seeing him on Level 7 CS I couldn't stand his character! I adore the way he upholds his beliefs and portrays the genuine side of him. I think he is good looking, but whenever I see a drama he is in, I forget about his look and only pay attention to how he acts.

I am waiting patiently for his future dramas what whatever his endeavors may be  Ok Here it is.