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People who lived near water (oceans, seas, lakes, rivers) naturally took advantage of the foods offered by these resources.

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"Kettle of Fish" is a basic romantic comedy that hopes to entertain you for a little while and then have you go on your way.

Nights for you.’ The Lloyd matriarch also isn't opposed to using the cleaning closet like her own private pantry.'I’ve been in the cleaning cupboard and taken some extra towels and sheets we’ve needed and a few more toilet rolls.

Although there’s a camera so I’ve probably been spotted,' she confesses.

Nicky isn't the only badly-behaved guest, as over three quarters of Brits take unofficial souvenirs.

The Lloyd family also have a discussion over dinner, leading father Wayne to worry about the future of their holidays.‘The pound won’t stretch so far.

Mel (Matthew Modine) and Ginger (Gina Gershon) couldn't be more different; she's an uptight biologist, he's a life long bachelor and musician.

When Mel meets a woman at a gig it will spark a series of events that will change their relationship forever.

I say this as a good thing because I was entertained and never felt as though the film condescended to me or treated me as though I were brain dead.

There also was no ridiculous bets involved ("I bet I can make the ugly girl hot.") or massive contrivances like there are in most romantic comedies.

He's just doing whatever feels right and if it doesn't work out, well, oh well.

Gershon, amazingly, makes the nerd look work for her and is far more attractive with that look then with that bombshell image she's been going for the past few years.

And it comes as no surprise that the foursome - parents Nicky and Wayne, son Danny and daughter Ella - have remained in the exact same spot by the pool every day for the entire fortnight.