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We have decided to create and publish the online debt relief program for many reasons.

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I thought it important to have an introduction to debt negotiation due to the amount, and variations of content, you will find here.Debt settlement is what happens when you negotiate a payoff for less than the total balance you owe on a debt.The lower payoff amount will be something the creditor or debt collector agrees to document and accept from you as payment in full.Let’s start by narrowing down the basic principle of the 3 most common debt solutions to one sentence each.If you are looking at debt settlement as a way to deal with problem bills, it is likely because you are in the middle.But there are many other types of debts that the guides can be applied to.

You will find guides related to settling business debts, medical bills, personal loans, and more, throughout the site.

You cannot fully afford the debts you have now, but can afford something, and would prefer to manage the situation outside of bankruptcy.

Each of your credit card lenders will have a policy for how they handle collecting on accounts that go delinquent. Yes, getting the best deals, and the most from settling debt, is in the details.

We highly recommend you read through the debt settlement program in order.

This will allow you to gain the maximum level of understanding of what credit card debt settlement is, how it will work in your specific situation, when settling debt works best, or even why you might want to avoid debt settlement all together.

If we can save you from making uninformed debt and credit decisions that can hurt, rather than help you, we want to.