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They all show musical relationships to the contemporaneous byzantine chant and a certain interdependency among themselves that musicologists have not accurately determined. Darkness still shrouds much of the story, as no musical manuscripts from the period are available.That the reign of the Byzantine popes in the seventh century also had an influence on music can only be surmised. Cantors and liturgical books were brought up to the Carolingian court for diffusion of the Roman practice throughout the empire.

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In general, the Fathers could be divided into two classes in their attitude toward music: those who accepted it and its beauty, provided the vox and mens were in agreement (Basil, Cassiodorus and Benedict); and those who feared the pleasures of music as contrary to the ascetical Christian ideal (Jerome is the supreme example). Concommitant with the rise of the various families of Western rites there arose families of Western chant: ambrosian, gallican, mozarabic and gregorian. The founding of the Roman schola cantorum and the erecting of monastic chapters at the major basilicas gave life to a Roman chant tradition that became more and more subtle and complex.The most difficult problem is to ascertain the degree to which the Gregorian chant as known today has been influenced by Jewish chants, specifically from the synagogue practices of the time of Christ.In answering this question, certain facts must be considered: the first notated sources for the Gregorian chant come from the ninth century (before that time only literary references to music exist); there is no way of finding out the exact nature of Hebrew chants in the early Christian centuries.After verses of the Psalms sung by a cantor, the congregation sang a simple refrain.In addition to this practice, there is an allusion in St.The fragment of the Oxyrhynchos papyrus (third century), which contains the fragment of a hymn written in classical Greek notation, shows that the musical practice was of the type associated with the Near East basin, i.e., diatonic and based on modal formulas related to the octoechos, and had nothing in common with the descriptions and few musical fragments of classical Greek music that have survived.

Descriptions of Musical Practices in the Early Patristic Period.In Colossians 3.16, however, he uses the same division.It must be remembered that the Jewish synagogues in the diaspora had already adopted the Greek language, and Hellenistic musical practices could also have made inroads into the traditional chants. All critics agree that the descriptions of musical practice in the Jewish temple have nothing in common with the Christian chant.Even if one assumes that the Gregorian melodies, as written down for the first time in the ninth century, go back in basic form for several centuries as an oral tradition, there is no exact parallel in the Hebrew chant with which to compare it.The assumption that several Jewish groups have retained an oral tradition untampered by Western practice for almost two millennia seems difficult to accept.In the West, it was Gregory who took the melismatic song from the deacon.

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