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) is a memorial park in Ryvangen officially inaugurated on to commemorate fallen members of the Danish resistance to the German occupation of Denmark during World War II.

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She had a length overall of 49.45 m (162 ft 3 in), a beam of 5.22 m (17 ft 2 in), and a draught of 3.68 m (12 ft 1 in).In a number of cases, the parish registers cited below state that the remains were brought to the Department of Forensic Medicine of the university of Copenhagen for an inquest.27 bodies were actually found weeks after 5 May, with 25 found between one and two months after the liberation.Several programs and miscellaneous items have been added to the collection.DESCRIPTION Reel 1 Volume ADDED ENTRIES: Buffalo Creek Community (Dawson County, Neb.) Cozad (Neb.) -- Churches Danes in Nebraska Dawson County (Neb.) -- Churches St.The execution site consisted of three wooden poles to which the condemned were tied and executed by firing squad.

On , in connection with the liberation, members of the resistance came to Ryvangen The Comrades' Relief Fund writes that, on 5 May, members of the resistance discovered 202 graves in Ryvangen and that the minister for ecclesiastical affairs had the remains exhumed for identification.

According to this letter, Stenzler was born 1 July 1886 in Cassel, to Max Israël formerly mayor of Stralsund and Maria née Wellsmann and later took the name Stenzler.

The submerged wreck was identified in part using multibeam sonar, see animation.

On 28 November 1917 Stenzler was buried in the family grave in Stralsund.

The Sønder Nissum parish priest received a letter from Stenzler's mother, a widow in Stralsund.

On 17 October 1917 the German legation in Copenhagen informed the ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs that the remains had been identified as those of the captain of submarine 30, Kapitänleutnant Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Maximilian Stenzler and requested on behalf of his family that his remains be exhumed and transferred to Germany for burial there.