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I then recovered and on my first day back in action I damaged my knee. His sporting career ended in 2006 when he could no longer endure his injuries, and it was then he had to find a means to leave, so he became a chauffeur for David De Gea during his days in the Atletico Madrid academy, as well as finding time to become an electrician.Two years ago, Baba Sule's like changed again when he received the call from Fuenlabrada, and now he is still enjoying the beautiful game as a kit man at the Spanish third tier side.

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As well as Heaslip, other investors include the two-time Heineken Cup winner Kevin Mc Laughlin, plus Barry Maloney, founding partner at the European venture investor, Balderton Capital.knee valgus/varus, trunk flexion, hip translation in the sagittal plane).Results: The findings suggest that low-cost markerless motion capture has potential to provide an objective method for assessing lower limb squat mechanics and trunk control in an applied sports setting.But Baba refused to quit football completely and found his way to Fuenlabrada, where the club from Madrid opened their doors for him to become the new kit man, and he couldn't be happier as a man who loved, loves and will always love football.In 1995 he celebrated his greatest success when he scored past a certain Julio Cesar in the final of the U17 World Cup with the Ghanaian national team, who eventually ended up winning the game and taking home the trophy.Research has shown the overhead squat to be the most discriminant task of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) i.e.

an individual’s ability on the overhead squat is indicative of their overall FMS score and thus injury risk status.Fuenlabrada, in the Spanish third tier, have in their ranks an ex-footballer who enjoyed a rollercoaster career.Babe Sule was at one stage one of the sensations of Ghanaian football, he won a World Cup and even signed for Real Madrid.Furthermore, the outcome of the study warrants the need for future research to examine more fully the potential implications of the use of low-cost markerless motion capture in the evaluation of dynamic movement for injury prevention.The software has been designed by chefs including Masterchefs and Group Executive Chefs drawing on their experience in leading hotels, restaurants, food production and management.Nevertheless, Baba returned to take part in the U20 World Cup, where he scored two more goals, but Ghana finished in fourth place.