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Laman chat lucah awek indon - verses dating unbelievers

So far most statements by Opposition leaders seem to urge the government to ‘forgive’ those involved.

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Scratch takes advantage of advances in computing power and interface design to make programming more engaging and accessible for children, teens, and others who are learning to program.

It’s a pity that our government needs reminding that in a democracy politicians derive their authority from the people, and that when faced with public expressions of displeasure, a true leader should square his shoulders and put up with it.

Because in politics, criticism and even insult come with the territory, and someone who cannot stomach it or who can only respond to negative feedback with threats and coercion is unfit to lead.

My name is Shaun Tan Zhi Ming, and I want to send a message that some Malaysians will not be intimidated by such ridiculous threats.

A copy of this photo will be posted on a Facebook page called ‘Putting My Foot Down’, and there I am content to let it stay – alone – as Henry David Thoreau would say, to constitute ‘a majority of one’.

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Internally, however, there is improved support for uploading projects to Scratch partner websites and improvements to the code that support Scratch on the OLPC XO computer and the Portuguese Telecom Magellan computer.The picture at my feet is that of Prime Minister Najib Razak, a man who I think has brought great shame to my country and who has done nothing to earn my respect during his time in office.I post this photo not because I think that stepping on pictures is usually a good form of communication, but because I think that, under present circumstances – in the face of coercion aimed at making a simple gesture illegal or taboo – it is an appropriate one.Most people view computer programming as a tedious, specialized activity, accessible only to those with advanced technical training.And, indeed, traditional programming languages like Java and C are very difficult for most people to learn.I don’t want Malaysia to become a country where the Prime Minister is so sacred that even stepping on his image is illegal.