Laura white dating x factor boss

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Laura white dating x factor boss - dating simulations for boys

"But there's only two people in my opinion that have made this impression - and that's Leona and Louisa." Ouch.

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In week five, both Reggie 'N' Bollie and Ché Chesterman beat her - but, again, by the tiniest of margins (just 1.1 per cent in it! But now comes the hard bit - actually having a career.In one picture, the siblings can be seen wearing floral garlands as the television presenter hugs her younger sister.She captioned the sweet photo: "Congratulations to my gorgeous sister @daisypoppets."Russell has previously been linked to Kate Moss, Geri Halliwell, Courtney Love and heiress Jemima Goldsmith.Many people have likened her duet with Rita Ora (they sang Jennifer Hudson's I Am Teling You during part one of the final) to when Beyonce sang with Alexandra Burke, years ago.The crucial difference is, in this case, the real superstar with the powerful voice was the contestant, and not the guest star.Simon Cowells comments on the x factor of Mariah Carey According to Simon Cowell, Mariah Carey has the X factor element!

He also commented that the Diva has all the attitude that takes for any one to be the X factor Voice.

Let's not get carried away; Louisa probably won't be as big as Beyoncé.

But it's impressive that a largely duff series of X Factor has actually produced one of the most promising winners yet.

She might have pulled out a sick note a couple of times in recent weeks, but Louisa didn't actually have a duff week on the show.

She was presented with some great song choices (even if she'd never heard of quite a few of them, such as The Beach Boys' God Only Knows) but her voice was so reliably powerful that she could probably sing the Nandos menu and still sound amazing.

It is also important that contestants should have personality and attitude to triumph.

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