Lavalife telephone dating sites

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Lavalife telephone dating sites

For example, if you wanted to upload some racier pictures but only for certain members, Lavalife will let you do that.It is a great feature which ties in nicely to the three communities principle of this site.

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The site is a great choice for people who don’t wish to be limited to purely online interactions as it is possible to take advantage of the phone and text based dating in addition to the online aspect. As well as offering text and phone dating Lavalife also hold a series of events for singles in Canada so that people can meet one another and mingle in person.

In 1996, Lava Life– formerly known as the Interactive Media Group (Canada) – bought the URL where it started a free online dating service in 1997.

In July, 2001, launched and, which was now charging for memberships, was combined into the new service.

Five times a day the site holds a ‘party’ which allows a lot of different users to meet each other via video and get to know one another.

This is probably the closest thing to a real-life party or singles bar on the internet.

Lavalife states that it is aimed at urban singles so it is more likely to be lively and fun-focused than other sites which aim to create deeply compatible, long-term committed relationships.

Users should expect to participate in numerous forms of communication including video, phone, text and online chat.It uses what it calls “Interactive Voice Response (IVR)” telephone technology to help singles come together through a voice medium.One change Lava Life's online dating service had resisted for a long time was moving from a credit system to a monthly system, like the majority of the industry.The distinct nature of the three communities on Lavalife mean that anyone who is looking for a serious relationship won’t be bothered by people looking for a casual encounter.Lavalife also offers extensive communication options that far Lavalife has a unique feature that takes full advantage of the fact that most modern internet users have access to a webcam of some kind or another.This is great for the modern generation of daters who are always on the go and are contactable at all times. Free membership – Free membership on Lavalife far exceeds that found on many other dating websites.