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She emailed them so much that even she thought she was annoying."It's typical of most softball players to email coaches, but not to do it at the level I did," says Cheyenne.

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Just like her mother, Cheyenne was in a state of disbelief.

With her mom on the sidelines, Cheyenne was hit in the face by a softball so hard that her eye was practically swollen shut.

Tracy calmly walked up to her daughter, asked if she was okay and if she needed a Tylenol."She just toughened me up to the max, so when things like that happen, they don't really affect me,sac dior," Cheyenne says. She would just always push me."But her family's financial circumstances meant that she couldn't afford to go to college, leaving a full athletic scholarship as the only route to her Pac 12 dreams.

The next day, they were scheduled to fly down to tour UCLA.

Both teams wanted Cheyenne to be their shortstop of the future. UCLA had a tradition unmatched by any other softball program in the country, but Cal was the team she grew up watching.

To this day, his words are seared into Cheyenne's memory."She basically said, 'I'll show him,'" Tracy says. She just knew what she wanted and went after it."Growing up in Fairfield, Calif., Cheyenne was surrounded by softball.

teacher and a softball coach, she was never far from the game.

"If there's anything I wanted to do, (my brother) would give his right arm for me to be able to do it."When the time came for schools to make their scholarship dolce e gabbana borse offers, Cheyenne's name was on more than one Pac 12 school's list. It was a Thursday afternoon during Cheyenne's freshman year at Rodriguez High School.

Cheyenne and Tracy made the 40 minute drive from Fairfield to Berkeley.

When Cheyenne arrived at softball camps run by college coaches, they told her that her personality matched her emails.

They felt as if they already knew her."At the time, I was using AOL, and they had those little faces the emojis of today," Cheyenne says, smiling.

Angelo first started at his kitchen table with the help of his high school chemistry book.