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Mounds View High School has a Gay-Straight Alliance and is largely regarded as one of the Twin Cities' more LGBT-friendly schools.Multiple LGBT-friendly places of worship are located in Shoreview, including Peace United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church of the Way.

Many Pridefest attendees flock to the drag hour at the Peace Plaza, but the event also features a variety of family-friendly activities, including performances from multiple LGBT a capella groups.Popular alternatives for LGBT families include Linden Hills, Nokomis, and Hiawatha. Paul's downtown district is somewhat more family-friendly than Downtown Minneapolis, but local LGBT families typically prefer the more laid-back atmosphere of St. During Pride Week, Minneapolis receives the bulk of the attention, but St.Although not quite as appealing to LGBT Minnesotans as Minneapolis, St. Paul residents are also happy to show their support.Same-sex marriage was legal in Minnesota two years before it became legal on a nationwide basis.However, quality of life for LGBT individuals involves far more than the ability to tie the knot.Detailed below are seven towns and cities that have opened their arms to LGBT families: Minneapolis is, hands-down, the most LGBT-friendly city in Minnesota.

It is also arguably one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the United States.

Every September, the Duluth-Superior community hosts the Bayfront Pride Festival, which includes family picnics, block parties, poetry readings, and more.

The rest of the year, LGBT residents get involved with the Arrowhead Transgender Group, the Aurora Center, Together for Youth, and several other local organizations.

To discuss the suitability of group or to schedule an interview please call The Center for Women's Group Therapy at 612-802-1405.

Insurance is accepted and a sliding fee is available.

Our groups are limited to 8 members, include women of all orientations, and meet weekly.

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