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Live sex girl deaf chat com

Playboy worked with Blackheart to select four Playmates who embodied the Blackheart aesthetic and vied against one another to be named Miss Blackheart.The program was complemented by a variety of digital, event and social activations.

Abbi Keating, from New South Wales, Australia, baffled doctors when she lost her hearing, and stopped talking at the same time.Playboy and Showtime joined forces for a custom marketing program designed to drive awareness and social chatter around the Season 1 premiere of DICE.The program included a custom city guide to Vegas on, a chance for fans to win an epic 48-hour trip to Las Vegas, and social amplification to Playboy’s massive audience.'I chose it to have the exact same hearing equipment as Abbi,' she said.'Abbi had wanted a doll that looked like her for ages and I was thrilled when only two weeks after ordering it we could collect it.'I had two dolls made, one soft cuddly one and another practical doll that looked more realistic.'We've since donated the practical doll to her school as the kids loved it there.'Abbi now uses her doll to educate her cousins and friends about her hearing.'It's a lot easier explaining Abbi's condition by using the dolls as we can take off her cochlear implant and reattach it to show the kids how it works,' Amy explained.Her mum, Amy, 31, was devastated, but quickly ensured her daughter was fitted with hearing aids and later underwent an operation to have a cochlear implant fitted - an electronic device that replaces the function of the ear.

As she grew up, Abbi spent hours drawing hearing devices on to her existing dolls, longing for one who looked just like her.Playboy teamed up with Dodge for a 360-degree program designed to drive maximum awareness for the brand’s car models through presence at Playboy’s high-profile Super Bowl Party, complemented by a high-impact print execution and digital campaign.Playboy helped amplify the Blackheart brand attitude with a custom, integrated marketing program that utilized our most unique brand assets - Playboy Playmates.In partnership with Hornitos, Playboy did something that had never been done in the 63 year history of the brand: developed a custom, multidisciplinary content franchise themed to Hornitos’ “Not Just Any” brand messaging across Playboy’s print, digital, social, video and event platforms. The program was complemented by a variety of digital, event and social activations.To raise buzz and awareness for the theatrical release of The Transporter Refueled, Playboy developed a truly integrated campaign that centered around a press screening and exclusive release party at the Playboy Mansion. The program organically integrated key brand messaging and product placement.

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