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If that has a ring of something you could buy in the kitchenware department of Fortnum & Mason, think again; it refers to people who are keen to meet supercar owners for the purpose of, er, sharing their lifestyle.

No surprise, perhaps, that the club offered her up as a “typical member”.In January last year, hackers gained unauthorised access to Cupid web servers and stole the personal information of what was reported to be 42 million users across the globe.The 42 million figure was, however, disputed by Cupid managing director Andrew Bolton.” She can see how the club might sound like a gold-diggers’ paradise, but Parry, whose father was successful in dentistry, thinks it’s a misconception: “I would not be interested in that. I want the sort of lifestyle my parents have, but I want to earn it myself. “I think that’s just the nicest term Sang [Segaram] could come up with to make you feel special when you don’t have a supercar,” she says.Dr Eoghan Macsweeney joined the club before Christmas, has already been on a couple of dates, and thinks a supercar indicates much more about a person than their bank balance: “Supercar owners tend to be interesting people, fun people.High-performance Subarus and Mitsubishis are not eligible, however.

“What we have found is that members who own these cars tend to have a different type of lifestyle,” says Segaram, diplomatically.

And, apparently, we shouldn’t leap to sexist conclusions, because 20% of the supercar owner-members are women, says founder Sangeeth Segaram, 34, who drives a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster.

Membership of the dating club costs £65 a month or £380 a year for supercar owners (who are asked to provide proof of ownership) and includes exclusive social events and access to the members-only dating and networking site.

When the breach was made public in November he said the number of ''active members'' affected was ''considerably less than 42 million''.

How many non-active members details were breached was never disclosed.

''Cupid insecurely stored passwords in plain text, and I found that to be failure to take reasonable security steps as required under the Privacy Act.''Mr Pilgrim said the incident also demonstrated the importance of securely destroying or permanently de-identifying personal information that is no longer required. ''Holding onto old personal information that is no longer needed does not comply with the Privacy Act and needlessly places individuals at risk,'' he said.''Organisations must identify out of date or unrequired personal information and have a system in place for securely disposing of it.''The commissioner said Cupid worked collaboratively and co-operatively with his office during the investigation.