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Lonely momther online dating

According to the American Psychiatric Association, many MPD patients cannot remember much of their childhoods.

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Personality: Group of characteristics that motivates behavior and sets us apart from other individuals.Each alter has its own unique style of viewing and understanding the world and may have its own name.These distinct personalities periodically control that person's behavior as if several people were alternately sharing the same body.The process by which one of these personalities reveals itself and controls behavior is called switching.Most of the time the change is sudden and takes only seconds. Switching is often triggered by something that happens in the patient's environment, but personalities can also come out under hypnosis (a trancelike state in which a person becomes very responsive to suggestions of others).Different alters may have different reactions to medications.

Sometimes a healthy host can have alters with allergies and even asthma.In a few instances, the host personality may remember confusing bits and pieces of the past.In some cases alters are aware of each other, while in others they are not.(About half of the recently reported cases have ten or fewer.) These different identities can resemble the normal personality of the person or they may take on that of a different age, sex, or race.Each alter can have its own posture, set of gestures, and hair-style, as well as a distinct way of dressing and talking.However, if the abuse is repeatedly extreme and the child does not have enough time to recover emotionally, the disassociated thoughts and feelings may begin to take on lives of their own.

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