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After I ditched the nice guy thing when I was about 23 I got laid more in the following 12 months and had more healthy interaction with women that I did in the previous 5 years. after she's sown her oats with the rest of us, and settles for you because she's finally ready for security. I had dinner with a female friend of mine last night and we discussed this topic in an around about way....You dont have to be abusive you just have to be a man who knows who he is and where he is going, treats women with respect and demands the same. Biologically, girls want an aggressive masculine guy who gets their blood racing to give them a baby. But the main thread of our topic was, why do men as a basic overview find it so difficult to speak to women as a rule.

Or to surrender to the power of a womans love, which is a powerful thing indeed.Why is it that so many girls wax lyrical over dating some bloke who refuses to return their calls, won't be caught dead meeting her folks and never buys her gifts (unless he wants something in return)? the blokes we tend to fall hopelessly in love with.It's the Darcy vs Cleaver debate (from Bridget Jones' Diary in case you didn't know). ") On the other hand there's the bad boy: the bloke who doesn't like our friends, is hardly interested in us and would rather eat dirt than carry around our Witchery purse.The bad boys might be attractive but I'd rather stick with someone who treats me with respect and genuinely values me as an equal partner, not someone who has to keep me guessing. But if that is your choice, go ahead, but im finding im getting a lot more happiness concentrating on finding a 'nice guy' rather than a guy with looks and his bank balance.And no, im not a fat overweight slob that cant get any better, I just choose guys who are genuine. There's no need to change your personality because someone else didn't have the sense to appreciate you. Well, the "Jerk Factor" has been around long before SNAGs, Blah-o-sexuals, 'buzz-word-of-the-week' type men. Go anywhere, high end clubs, low end bars, beaches, wherever and you will find "The Jerk" with women fawning all over him, even if he treats them like disposable sex-toys. An interesting test was when one of my friends who was normally passive (not SNAGGy but just quiet) got a bit too deep into his cups and started thinking he was the toughest guy in the world and acting belligerent. Some people on this blog are talking as though human beings are caricatures. I know a few nice guys, and I use the word 'nice' to describe respectful, compassionate, decent human beings.I live with my current partner of 3 years so i guess im not really a BAD boy.. This 'nice' guy - lets call him James - did all he could to avoid confrontation, told Drunken Fool to calm down, but when avoiding a fight proved impossible, he stepped up to protect the honour of us girls, who were being harrassed. I still consider him nice, just a realist who knows that human nature puts one in a variety of situations. Masculine, funny, intelligent, argumentative, assertive, attractive, unique, interesting - none of these qualities are mutually exclusive to being nice.

if females get their own way about EVERYTHING they will sooner or later get bored... But I am happy for girls to go chasing the bad boys, it means more nice guys for the rest of us!

"Relationships work best when there is the existence of masculine and feminine polarity," he says. "But he was soon kicked out of bed for the more sexually aggressive and appealing masculine alternative which women cannot resist." And for all you nice blokes out there wondering where you went wrong, here are Nige's tips: "Don't be intimidated by beautiful women and this means you should not bestow her with endless compliments - she receives enough of that kind of attention already from the wussies.

In other words the man must exhibit manly traits to get our affection. "Don't agree with everything she says but instead challenge her thoughts and make her work for your affection.

I have a couple of mates who are still nice guys and one of them is 55.

He is sad and lonely because he tries and be nice to a woman to get her into bed. You capture and lead the imagination, offer challenges and present opportunities.

" Well a lot of the behaviour which so-called "nice guys" display would be considered "total desperation" if they were women! Fair enough, but if this is really obvious (eg when they say anything they think you want to hear regardless of what their real views might be, and keep pursuing you despite your best efforts to make it clear, in a polite way, that you're really not interested) it's pretty unattractive. Please just be yourselves guys, no need to bend over backwards in an effort to impress :) didn't darcy win bridget over cleaver? cynical and superficial: maybe, but i challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

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    If a strip tease is what you desire then that's in play as well.