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And – whilst on wheels – how different (and awful) are/were AECs and Leylands running without their nuts-rings on the front wheels! With the covers it was harder to see if the wheel(s) was falling off. I seem to remember reading somewhere (though please correct me if I’m wrong) that a rear wheel trim disc once came off an LT bus whilst at speed and caused someone a serious injury, resulting in their immediate removal from the entire fleet.Victor, I cant speak for LT, but I suspect it could all be part of the same couldn’t care less syndrome that effected BET and BTH companies when NCB came about.

A spring clip in the centre of the bracket passed through a slot in the centre of the trim and secured the trim under pressure.

As far as I know, they were never fitted to the later “off the peg” designs operated in London.

A quick look through my own slides and negatives reveals no RF/RT/RM family example without the trims, but, on the internet, I have spotted one picture of an RT lacking these fittings whilst still in LT service.

Unless some garages stockpiled a quantity for use as dustbin lids!

It seems odd to me that after over twenty years and millions of miles in service a wheel trim should come off in such a way as to injure someone and trigger a mass removal.

06/10/16 London Transport Wheel Trims In the 1950s the whole London fleet (7000 buses?

) sported full rear-wheel nave-plates which tidied up their side view and must have made for easy cleaning. And do modern restorers seek them out, for a finishing touch? mileometers on the rear hubs and those yellow nut indicators on the front – and rear?

The trims were a tight fit around the wheel rim so if the spring failed the disk would initially stay in place by centrifugal force.

A change in speed or an uneven road surface would, eventually, dislodge the trim but with LT’s vehicles engines governed to low speeds and, even in the country areas, slow traffic, I just wonder what speeds could be attained to have the trim fly off so as to cause injury.

The postulated 1971 date of the decree stipulating the removal of the trims fits with the fact that, from 1st January 1970, London Transport came “under new management” when the Central Buses and Underground operations were transferred to the Greater London Council.

In the 10th June 1969 House of Lords debate on the proposed Transport London Bill, it was dismissively stated that “London Transport management is very weak”, this from a Tory politician whose career had been mostly in agriculture.

Manchester was one of a number of undertakings that for a period specified rear wheel trims.

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