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In 1957, when second-graders Bryce Loski and Julianna "Juli" Maryellen Baker first meet, Juli knows it's love, but Bryce isn't so sure, and tries to avoid Juli.By the sixth grade, Bryce tries to get rid of Juli by dating Sherry Stalls, whom Juli despises.

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From Juli's perspective, Bryce returned her feelings, but was shy.

Juli Baker devoutly believes in three things: the sanctity of trees (especially her beloved sycamore), the wholesomeness of the eggs she collects from her backyard flock of chickens, and that someday she will kiss Bryce Loski.

Ever since she saw Bryce's dazzling brown eyes back in second grade, Juli has been smitten. Frankly, he thinks Juli Baker is a little weird--after all, what kind of freak raises chickens and sits in trees for fun? Bryce begins to see that Juli's unusual interests and pride in her family are, well, kind of cool.

And Juli starts to think that maybe Bryce's dazzling brown eyes are as empty as the rest of Bryce seems to be.

After all, what kind of jerk doesn't care about other people's feelings about chickens and trees?

When it comes to love, life and making the right choices, these two are their own worst enemies.

George, a lonely and fatalistic teen who has made it all the way to his senior year without ever having done a real day of work, is befriended by Sally, a popular but complicated girl who recognizes in him a kindred spirit.

The boy's father is a man filled with hatred who dispenses politically incorrect lines throughout the movie.

The grandfather, the great John Mohoney, is the wise person who tells the boy to really see the girl for what she is, a very special girl.

Callan Mc Auliffe plays Bryce and Madeline Carroll plays Juli.

Aidan Quinn and Penelope Ann Miller play Juli's parents, Kevin Weisman plays Juli's mentally disabled uncle, and Shane Harper and Michael Bolten play her two brothers.

With Flipped, mystery author Wendelin Van Draanen has taken a break from her Sammy Keyes series, and the result is flipping fantastic. Beautifully told with all the ingredients for a good family movie.