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And records indicating the last login dates for Ashley Madison customers show July 11 as the final day they signed in, suggesting the hackers grabbed no customer data after this.The recent dates don't mean the hackers weren't in the company's network for longer than this, however—the amount and variety of data grabbed and the number of servers from which they took it indicate they did extensive reconnaissance to map the network and figure out where valuable data was located.

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Maybe corrupt politicians [too]."But before we get ahead of the headlines, let's examine some of the most important lingering questions about Ashley Madison and the hack.

And they published the data via a Tor server, which gives them anonymity as long as they didn't make mistakes.

"If the attacker took proper OPSEC precautions while setting up the server, law enforcement and AM may never find them," Cabetas observed in his blog post."If [the hackers are] going to get popped by law enforcement, it's going to be analysis of their multiple manifestos," Cabetas suspects.

that touted itself as the premier cheating site for married people seeking partners for infidelity, Ashley Madison was relatively unknown until hackers broke into its servers and released more than 30 gigabytes of customer and company data this week, propelling it into the spotlight.

The site, owned by Canadian firm Avid Life Media, has been online since 2001 and claims to have about 40 million users, though that figure is almost certainly inflated, considering a former employee's claim that the company paid her to create false female accounts to attract male customers.

The release of source code is also problematic for another reason—it exposes the company's intellectual property to anyone who wants to design a similar business.

For a company that had hoped to raise 0 million for an IPO on the London Stock Exchange this fall, that's a potentially big blow."With this second data dump, I believe Impact Team wants to destroy Ashley Madison and Avid Life Media," says Per Thorsheim, a security researcher in Norway who has been analyzing the data. In an interview with Motherboard, the hackers said they have 300 GB of employee emails in their possession, plus tens of thousands of Ashley Madison user pictures as well as user messages."1/3 of pictures are dick pictures and we won't dump," they told Motherboard. Maybe other executives."None of this bodes well for other companies who may engage in practices that hackers don't like.It appears to contain an email spool for Avid Life Media CEO Noel Bidman.A version of email file hackers distributed Thursday turned out to be corrupted and couldn't be opened, but they reposted a new version today, which is still being downloaded by journalists.The hackers released the data, after ALM failed to meet their demands, exactly 30 days later on August 18.Other than the initial statement from CEO Biderman that investigators were on to the perpetrator, there have been no other clues about who might be behind the hack.It's also interesting to note that the compressed files released Tuesday had already been prepared for distribution a month ago, when the Impact Team made their initial threat to release data if ALM didn't take down Ashley and another site it owns, Exceptional

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