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"It's probably one of the most difficult types of investigations you can do," he says, noting his investigators receive special training.

She also directly asked her daughter if he had been touching her and she said he had not.

Kayla Hounsell is a senior reporter with CBC News based in Halifax. He was a friend of her mother's and had started coming around more and more, offering to help around the house.

She has been a journalist for more than a decade, and covers a wide range of issues for television, radio and online. She describes the first time she met him as "normal." It was around Halloween and he had brought a pumpkin for her and her sister to carve. "He wanted to tell me a secret, and that secret that he wanted to tell me was like he liked little girls, like how I was at the time," says the Halifax girl, who is now 17.

"At one time, if we had a homicide for example, we would bring those investigators in to help out for the short period of time, say that 24-hour period when you're trying to get as much work done and a lot of stuff is coming in," Stienburg says.

"We don't do that anymore." He says it is possible an investigator could be permanently transferred to another unit but also continue with the sexual assault files they're already working on because they have a rapport with the child.

A month later, the mother says, her daughter came running into her room.

"She said, 'Mummy, mummy, I'm so so sorry to have lied to you,'" she recalls.

However, we can’t count on the internet to pick the right thing to show to kids.

Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa is a new web series about a seven-year-old boy who, due to his inquisitive nature, asks his father about different sexual issues often in a manner that leaves the father at a loss for words.

The girl's mother had met Kennedy through a telephone chatline.

"We had talked on the phone for many many hours before I met him," says the mother, who cannot be identified in order to protect her daughter.

"But he didn't like big girls, like how my sister, eight years older than me, was." It was the first of what she says were repeated sexual assaults that continued from the time she was four until she was nine, sparking a lengthy journey for justice.

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