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The amount of revenue that they raked in was considerable, providing a shot in the arm for the tourism industry. Ommaney did not date specifically his description of the street, but his book made clear that he was in Singapore from 1955 to 1960.

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As one consequence of this, Bugis Street and Johore Road started to become populated with a range of transgender people from transvestites to iatrogenic intersex individuals to fully transformed women.The history and subculture surrounding transgender people in Singapore is substantial.Not immediately apparent to Singapore's mainstream society is the fact that the gay community sees itself as a totally separate entity from the transgender communities (often also referred to as "transvestite and transsexual" communities).There was no specific provision in the statutes which allowed the Registrar to do this, so it existed probably only at the level of a policy directive.However, for over 20 years, this policy seemed to have operated smoothly." Later, the more technically demanding sex reassignment surgery female-to-male was also offered at Kandang Kerbau Hospital and at Alexandra Hospital, performed by gynecologists such as Dr. A Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) and Gender Reassignment Surgery Clinic were set up at the National University Hospital two decades later. S Shan Ratnam until his retirement in 1995, after which leadership passed to his nephew, Dr. In fact, for 30 years, Singapore was one of the world leaders in SRS, performing more than 500 such operations.However, as early as 1987, the Ministry of Health had been directing hospitals to stop doing such operations on foreigners.

It also discouraged them for Singaporeans, saying 'the increased danger of AIDS with such patients poses unnecessary risk to hospital staff'.

In rare cases, it's possible for transgender people to be exempted from National Service despite not undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

However this is mostly up to the medical-officer in charge and varies case by case.

Transgender was listed as a condition in a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) 'Directory of Diseases' and recruits who outed themselves to the examining doctors at the Central Manpower Base (CMPB) at Depot Road had their 'deployability' denied in sensitive positions.

They were classified as Category 302 personnel, downgraded to a Physical Employment Status of C or E and assigned only non-combat roles at military bases.

This dismayed transgender people seeking to have their operations performed locally.

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