Malaysian housewife sex chatting

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Malaysian housewife sex chatting - Ipad chat erotic

I had enough money that I could afford to pay my employee more than most other small business owners.So I posted up some help want ads advertising that I needed a young worker and I would pay $15 dollars an hour.

I looked through the resumes and applications; there were about 50 in total.He accepted the hug, and then a peck on the cheek.“Wow you are a sexy little thing aren’t you.” He said.Charlotte normally would have been taken back by this comment but she remembered my words and she giggled and said“Why thank you sir, what are you looking for today?Most of them were male who were interested in the job but there were also a few girls.All of them were pretty much just interested in the money or how the experience would look on their college applications, but when I read one application, I was touched.I started squeezing her glorious ass with my hands.

She thought nothing of it.“Alright here comes a customer, go help him, I will work the cash register.”The man came in and his eyes widened at the blonde bombshell that greeted him and hugged him.

She had big breasts, probably DD cups and a big sexy butt.

For the first time ever, I felt like fucking a girl other than my Wife.

”“A car freshener, they are all tangled up on the bottom shelf, can you fish me out the mint one.”“Sure!

” She said enthusiastically as she bent over in front of him, exposing her beautiful ass.” The man looked over at me, and I signaled for him to go head and squeeze her ass.

My 40 year old wife is beautiful for her age but in no way can she stack up to the 16 year old Swedish sex bomb that was Charlotte. If you don’t want to wear it I guess I will be forced to let you go.”“No no, I will wear it.” She said desperately.