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However, he is not brave enough to defend their forbidden love. Batuhan Karacakaya as Bulent: Adnan's eleven year old son. Although she is happy for her sister Peyker she holds her mother responsible for her father's death.

Eventually, however, I expect that Pakistanis will learn to tolerate diversity and emerge as a stronger and more unified nation.

There are multiple, competing TV channels catering to almost every niche, whim and taste---from news, sports, comedy and talk shows to channels dedicated to cooking, fashion, fitness, music, business, religion, local languages and cultures etc.

It seems that this media revolution has had a profound influence on how many young people talk, dress and behave, emulating the outspoken media personalities, actors, preachers, singers, sportsmen, celebrities and fashion models.

And with many well-traveled Pakistanis importing ideas from abroad, they are contributing to Pakistan's 21st-century search for itself.

Media Revolution: In addition to increased international travel, Pakistan's media and telecom revolution that began during the Musharaf years is contributing to changing society.

Social Transformation: Regardless of Veena's personal motivations, it is clear that the FHM cover featuring her in the nude is an act of defiance by the publicity-seeking actress.

Shocking as it may seem to many Pakistanis, it represents only the tip of the iceberg of big social changes coming to Pakistan.When her mother was planning to marry Adnan Ziyagil, a rich widower, Adnan proposes Bihter instead of her mother.Bihter agrees, but actually she only loves Adnan as a father not a husband.This was the first drama dubbed in Urdu by a trend setter URDU1.ISHQ-E-MEMNU is a Turkish romantic drama television series produced by Ay Yapım Productions and originally broadcasted on Kanal D between 20.Adnan already has two children from his first marriage.

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