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In 1917, Bánki invented the water turbine, which was useful for utilizing the energy of small and medium sized waterfalls. In 1930 he became professor of physics at the University of Szeged.

enriched the world with over a hundred thousand inventions, not to mention their countless scientific discoveries.

After many years of experimentation following the war, he built the Asbóth-helicopter.

On September 9, 1928, witnessed by many foreign experts, his model “AH 1” helicopter ascended from a standing position vertically to a great height for the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD.

Two years before he died, he wrote his autobiography, titled .

His remains were buried in Gyulavár, the place of his birth.

So here i collected and posted the list of hungarians who contributed some good ideas to our civilisations.

Sadly most of them succseed abroad, but have been aducatedin Hungary.El parte meteorológico decía que en Cataluña la sequía empieza a ser grave y que no parece que se vaya a solucionar en el futuro próximo. Su riqueza deriva del agua del mar y el agua dulce.En el mismo instante, el libro ponía ante mis ojos: (vv. Como sabes, querido Wang Wei, en este mar hay cada vez menos peces y los pescadores multiplican cada año sus horas para conseguir unos pocos.Liptrot from the British Air Ministry, who travelled on the helicopter, wrote in a Journal of the Aeronautical Society in 1931: the Asboth-helicopter ascends vertically with a remarkable speed…to any height where it can hover stationary for some time. But the most remarkable is that, unlike other tested helicopters, this one remains absolutely stable around all axes…He was a student of Tódor von Kármán, the Father of Supersonic Flight.