Marketing to dating boomers

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Marketing to dating boomers - best way to approach a girl online dating

The nitty-gritty: Computer proficiency, word processing skills and a fast internet connection are tools of the trade. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical records and health information technician jobs employ about 189,930 people.

Increasingly, voice recognition software is used to transcribe these recordings, but computer-generated documents are often riddled with errors and require careful editing.Other skills to have in your kit: knowledge of financial and accounting computer software such as Quick Books. The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers lists jobs and offers a national certification for bookkeepers, which may help you land a job if you don't have practical experience.Networking with local business groups, industry associations or Rotary clubs for leads is probably your best approach.Qualifications: A degree in accounting or business is helpful, but not required.The most common certification is certified public accountant (CPA).To get the full listings, the basic fee is .95 for a month.

Rat Race, specializing in work-at-home jobs, scrutinizes its postings to ensure legitimacy and delivers them in a free e-newsletter.The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity offers the registered healthcare documentation specialist (RHDS) and the certified healthcare documentation specialist (CHDS) certifications and provides a list of online programs.Medical billers and coders can train via online courses or certificate programs offered at community colleges.Fast turnarounds, usually within 24 hours, are part of the game.Employers range from doctors' offices to hospitals, but given the nature of the job, you're not limited by geography.Employers run the gamut, from start-ups and small businesses to churches and local nonprofits.