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In the flurry of conversation around singleness, dating and marriage, Ben Stuart charts-out a navigational framework of Scripture, interwoven with story and statistics, that will help people of any age chart the often-choppy waters of relationships.

Single, Dating, Engaged, Married is an invaluable resource that will help countless young adults maximize joy and minimize unnecessary pain while navigating the various stages of romantic love. This book is full of great stories from Ben about his life and those around him, but more importantly it's full of the truths of God about how to thrive in relationships.

Young people today have an increasing challenge of navigating life from singleness to marriage.

Ben Stuart shows us that each season of our life - singleness to marriage - is connected, and they mean more to God and our life than we realize.

I would encourage anyone, in whatever season you are in, to pick up a copy of this book.

I am convinced that your life will forever be changed if you take the time to devote yourself to what you will find in this book.

Single Dating Engaged Married is an excellent guide for anyone searching for real love.

Our happiness and health in life is directly proportional to our happiness and health in our relationships.Ben Stuart has created a masterful relationship handbook for anyone who wants to get from single to dating to married in healthy way that is enjoyable instead of stressful.You are going to be glued to this book - and will be so grateful for it!I am so grateful for the wisdom and insight that Ben offers in his new book, Single, Dating, Engaged, Married.In a world of seemingly endless options of connecting with others, it appears we are more lonely and confused than ever.What Ben Stuart has to say in this book might have more influence on your life than anything else you will read this year.

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