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My 9 yr old loves it and watches instructions on Youtube on how to calculate using the Sorobon.

The girls race their dog by solving the math equation before he eats it!

We read Living Books on Math, and recently came across a book on fractals, after which we went hiking and we were able to recognize fractals in nature.

We also recently made a Sorobon, a Japanese abacus, from one of the books we read, Amazing Math Projects.

Priceless :-)I have 6 kids, 5 of whom are in elementary school. We use the book Math Games for inspiration and new activities and we also use the Math-it program.

Sometimes my kids don't even know that they are doing school. I hated math when I was in school but I'm happy to say that if you asked my kids what their favorite subject is, most of them would say "math! We use baking and cooking to learn about fractions and we use every opportunity presented to us to calculate.

My kids are motivated by the computer, so we use a variety of online math tools.

They like Khan Academy, Always Ice Cream/Clever Dragons, and anything similar that gives them points for completing tasks.

It is free, it self levels, and it sends reports to parents. We are traveling through 6 countries right now - all with different currencies.

Now I have to make him stop and take breaks from math! I teach her how to pay with local currency in each one.

So we got Reflex math and he really improved a lot with it and he actually enjoyed it!

I love that he just has to watch for the green light to turn on to let him know he can stop anytime after that.

We have so many graphing tools (old fashion plastic ones), lots of dry erase boards (plain & graphs), and an amazing graphing calculator app.

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