Medicinska enciklopedija online dating

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Medicinska enciklopedija online dating

Apollonia, all churches were visited where they still stand, including places to which we were directed by the local inhabitants and through analysis of other hagiographic literature.Seventeen churches in 16 parishes and 8 deaneries were visited. Apollonia are mentioned in the literature at 16 places in 15 churches, and their existence was confirmed at 17 places in 16 churches.

Longin, who pierced Jesus with a spear and later converted, and according to belief, he also helped the blind.

Martin, protector from skin diseases and rashes, St.

Simon, protector of health in general, for whom there is belief that he helped women in confinement, St. Sveci zatitnici glave i zatitnici od glavobolje u krćanskoj tradiciji.

Anthony of Padua, protector of small children and infertile women, St.

Blaise, protector against diseases of the throat, St.

They are most frequently polychromic plaster or wooden statues of the martyr and pictures on canvas or frescoes on which St.

Apollonia is depicted alone or with other saints: the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is often called Our Lady of Health, protector who cures various physical diseases, St. Lucia, protector of the blind and against ocular diseases, St. Margaret, protector of mothers during birth and against barrenness, and St. Encouraged by data from the aforementioned comprehensive work, we visited all places for which there are available data on the existence of the Saint and also other places where, in view of information from local inhabitants and according to the data from other hagiographic literature and rich mediaeval frescoes, her illustration might be expected. Apollonia in churches of the Poreč and Pula dioceses in Istria. Figure 1 Detail from the fresco on the shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Rock in Beram showing St. Most of them can be found in the Pazin Deanery (4 illustrations), Buzet Deanery (4 illustrations), Umag-Oprtalj Deanery (3 illustrations), Poreč Deanery (2 illustrations), and one illustration each in the Pićan, Rovinj-Kanfanar, Labin and Vodnjan deaneries. Namely, the author did not take account of all details of the frescoes painted by Vincent of Kastav in 1474, among which there was a wonderful image of St. This example was described in our literature in 1997, Figure 1, (4). Representations of St Apollonia in British churches.