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Dark, disturbing, and unique in the long and extremely productive career of Piero Umiliani.

Over 20 minutes of pure, filthy harsh dance-hole mayhem.A sinister force holds the soup in its power, evoking spirits too intense for average living rooms.Now suppose what could have happened when the Arthurian Knights would have exchanged their magical potions for a sip of the mysterious blue soups of the south ?The defining principle of M Ax Noi Machs sound is that it has resisted easy genre categorization, remaining a singular rock through waves of American underground culture; in it, the shattered pieces of several strategies of urban, extreme musics cohere in a way that only Francisco can envision.” - Alter."A gap between Rap/Club Music, Noise, Power-Electronics and Stand-up Comedy.Pretty "industrial" i must say) and Unchained (originally Knifestorm).

His songs involve guitar lines over harsh and semi-melodic tones making his voice run thru an internal feedback that effects all the tones, sometimes being unrecognizable as a human voice.The shadowy Robert Francisco has been a vital artist in the US underground since the late 1990s.He has done time in the power electronics unit Angeldust as well as Veiled (with Arnau Sala of Exoteric Continent and the Anòmia label.) But M Ax Noi Mach is the nexus of his poetic, visual, and sonic pursuits; his discography stretches back to 1999 and his immensely powerful live show has won the project legendary status in electronic music circles across Europe and the US.Be a slug in a saloon and join the acid bikers cult.Fold out covers with obi-strip designed and screenprinted by Janus Prutpuss (covers for Quetzal, Trumans Water, Starfish Pool, Sickboy, Stifled Cries and lets not forget the tons of sweat for Prutpuss and Rotkop) with the kind help of Knust ⿿ Nijmegen." - Audiobot. "Mystery Plane formed in 1980 from the ashes of 70s new wave band 3D5 whos line-up also featured future Cure member Porl Thompson.Chants crawl into the mix accompanied by childlike instruments for an en-garde slaughter fest with the four horsemen.

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    Dinner parties are much like house parties, though a bit classier. and you can use your social circle to meet some great women.

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    The netizens has since identified her as Natsume Suzu.