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" when she doesn't even know what my bedtime is supposed to be. GENTLE READER: Growing up is the best revenge.” ― Judith Martin “Nobody believes that the man who says, 'Look, lady, you wanted equality,' to explain why he won't give up his seat to a pregnant woman carrying three grocery bags, a briefcase, and a toddler is seized with the symbolism of idealism.” ― Judith Martin, “One reason that the task of inventing manners is so difficult is that etiquette is folk custom, and people have emotional ties to the forms of their youth.That is why there is such hostility between generations in times of rapid change; their manners being different, each feels affronted by the other, taking even the most surface choices for challenges.” ― Judith Martin, “DEAR MISS MANNERS: When does a gentleman offer his arm to a lady as they are walking down the street together?

” In civilization there have to be some restraints.When Miss Manners observes people behaving rudely, she behaves politely to them, and then goes home and snickers about them afterward.” ― Judith Martin, “As successful people are afraid of being used, unsuccessful people are afraid of being snubbed, interesting people want to talk about something different from their jobs and boring people won’t stop talking about their jobs,” ― Judith Martin, “Miss Manners’ meager arsenal consists only of the withering look, the insistent and repeated request, the cold voice, the report up the chain of command and the tilted nose.They generally work.” ― Judith Martin, “Miss Manners’ mother always told her to travel either first or third class, but never second, when crossing.If we followed every impulse, we’d be killing one another.” ― Judith Martin “There was no singles problem until singles got so single-minded that they stopped wasting time with anyone ineligible.Before that, it was understood that one of society's main tasks was matchmaking.People with lifelong friendships and ties to local nonprofessional organizations did not have to fear that isolation would accompany retirement, old age, or losing a spouse.

Overburdened householders could count on the assistance not only of their own extended families, but of the American tradition of neighborliness.” ― Judith Martin, “The rationale that etiquette should be eschewed because it fosters inequality does not ring true in a society that openly admits to a feverish interest in the comparative status-conveying qualities of sneakers.Manners are available to all, for free.” ― Judith Martin, “College women are typically given to declaring for one or the other (in my day, for marriage; now, generally, for careers), and only later finding to their surprise that they must cope with both—while their men may be trying to figure out how to get out of doing both.” ― Judith Martin, “DEAR MISS MANNERS: Should you tell your mother something if it is important when she is talking to company? GENTLE READER: Yes, you should (after saying "Excuse me").Here are some of the things that are important to tell your mother, even though she is talking to company:"Mommy, the kitchen is full of smoke.""Daddy's calling from Tokyo.""Kristen fell out of her crib and I can't put her back.""There's a policeman at the door and he says he wants to talk to you.""I was just reaching for my ball, and the goldfish bowl fell over."Now, here are some things that are not important, so they can wait until your mother's company has gone home:"Mommy, I'm tired of playing blocks. ""The ice-cream truck is coming down the street.""Can I give Kristen the rest of my applesauce?Before, after, and during breakfast, luncheon and dinner, it is vulgar to wear a mixture of colored precious stones.It is always a comfort to know that so many things one can’t afford to do anyway are vulgar.” ― Judith Martin, “GENTLE READER: You, sir, are an anarchist, and Miss Manners is frightened to have anything to do with you.It is true that questioning the table manners of others is rude.

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