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The hatchery has several excellent spots along clear blue Table Rock Lake, where trout fishing is permitted year-round.Experience free Ozarks-style religious entertainment, with gospel-preaching full of southern and blue grass flavor.

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The Trout Hatchery (633 Hatchery Rd) has scenic trails, trout fishing, and a breath-taking view of Table Rock Dam.There’s a half-mile trail leading to a forty-foot observation tower with an absolutely breath-taking view of Branson. Deer can be seen often in the early morning and after sunset, and in the ice or snow, the waterfall along the trail freezes up (a striking must-see).Dubbed "the ultimate baseball tournament facility", The Ballparks of Branson are set to open this summer and will initially offer free admission to guests watching a game.This ballpark facility will be inside the old Red Roof Outlet Mall off of W 76.Many enjoy leisurely strolling through the old historic downtown area and taking in the sights and sounds.Located within Stockstill Park (625 Stockstill Ln), Branson’s Skate Park is a legal extreme sports venue, and especially designed for skateboards, roller skates, and roller blades. This state-of-the art facility includes a quarter pipe, grind box, jump ramp, grind rails, wedge-flat-wedge center ramps, concrete grind box, and a trick table.

Public restrooms and a police callbox are provided.With four trails of green forestry, dry glades, and views of the White River and the lake, visitors are allowed to truly embrace nature.Guests can take a self-guided tour learning about the hatchery stations, then hike along several trails.The tour lasts an hour, typically consisting of ten-thirteen tastings. The Branson Centennial Museum (101 Veteran’s Blvd) documents Branson's early beginnings dating 100 years with videos and exhibits.The grainy stories are told through old pictures and artifacts showing how the area began.Soon this brand-new, unique youth league complex will feature miniaturized major league stadiums, including Chicago's Wrigley field, Tiger Stadium of Detroit, a replica of Busch Stadium and more at a 2/3 scale of their real-life counterparts.