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You will need to wear you sports bra for about a month.

If there are complications which arise with the surgery, a hospital admission would be considered.Breast augmentation can sometimes be called breast implant surgery, breast enlargement surgery, breast aug, and breast augmentation mammoplasty Breast augmentation surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours. And sometimes even varies based on the breast incision location (areola, axilla - armpit, inframammary fold, TUBA, umbilicus), breast implant type, resting location of the breast implant, and bleeding that may occur in the breast tissues or chest wall.You will be asleep during your breast augmentation surgery; it is done under a general anesthetic.These Breast augmentation frequently asked questions (FAQ) are in general not surgeon nor location specific; however they are personally written by Dr. We hope that future patients and their families would benefit from these commonly asked questions.As a disclaimer, the below does not substitute for advice obtained personally from a plastic surgeon and a professional consultation.The risks of include, but are not limited to: bleeding, infection, capsular contracture (the formation of scar tissue around the implant), increased or decreased sensitivity of nipples or skin, possible different technique needed for mammography, some women have reported symptoms similar to those of immune disorders, there may be a need to surgically remove or replace the implants required to treat problems such as deflation and capsular contracture. These risks are best discussed in person with your plastic surgeon.

Each person's risks vary and not everyone is suited for breast implants.If you came to this page looking for the breast cancer support group.Please visit the Yahoo Breast Cancer Support Group.Breast implants will not change your risk for breast cancer. And manufacturers of implants such as Mentor, Inamed, or Allergan (sources of Modesto breast implants) all offer some sort of warrantee and/or insurance program.The implants may change the feel of breast lumps during an examination - sometimes, breast implants may even make breast lumps easier to detect, by "pushing" the breast lumps closer to the skin surface. About 1 week after your breast augmentation surgery.We use anesthesiologists (doctors) to perform the anesthesia to keep you asleep during your breast surgery.

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