Mucha kucha daisuki online dating

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Mucha kucha daisuki online dating

MC girl or guy gets in situation that leads to possible adultery over and over again.Overall, very shallow with very wrong messages about adultery and rapey situations. Last updated on March 24th, 2016, am But i felt that it ended too FAST.

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Why did he even love her and force all that unnecessary drama onto her?Katagiri Aoi lives in the countryside, and likes it just fine there.Yet, to her dismay, her parents are moving to Tokyo, and she has to come along.Also I appreciated the ending which was optimistic, but also took into consideration the hardships along the way and even the possibility of a break.This is definitely not a wishy washy romance, but a story that could very fell take place in the real life.the story isn't really very interesting and I just read on to see if there's anything interesting but there's none. It's sweet, NOT clingy (which I really really like! Although, the twist in the end sounds a bit too good to be true (a little bit TOO arranged? The ending wasn't quite how I thought it would end, but I'm satisfied with what I got!

It's lacking in the story plot and character's personality. This is worth a read especially if you have nothing else to do :-)...

Last updated on April 1st, 2010, pm Maybe my rating for this one is too magnanimous, but it definitely has some very strong points that play a role in that: the fact that it's a true Josei, dealing with a group of working women in their mid to late-twenties, the fact that it deals with the mangaka profession extensively making it very interesting for manga readers, the fact that the romance in it is very (almost too) grounded, meaning that it has a very adult take of slowly coming to appreciate each other and lastly that it lacks any cheese or unnecessary fluff.

Its only drawback (albeit a huge one), is that it is very rushed towards the end.

Sakura is a hard working shoujo mangaka who has no time for relationships. There's constant misunderstanding and insecurity. Not only that, the author makes rapey situations as harmless things to laugh about.

She is forced to attend a goukon, where she meets a rude and patronizing doctor. Worse, the ex-gf or ex-bf that dumped you and cheated on you, who did nothing to redeem themselves, gets forgiven and become GOOD guys in the end.

On impulse, he kisses her--only to realize that this kiss, unlike all the others, carries unexpected meaning for them both. After reading all the high ratings below, I was expecting a powerful tragedy with an amazing romance story to boot.

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