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The northeast has long been plagued by crime, but the increase illustrates how Brazil’s economic boom is causing drug-related violence — the main cause for the homicide scourge — to migrate to other parts of the country as traffickers seek new markets, straining local police forces, according to both Dr. The same economic wave that put more money in millions of poor Brazilians’ pockets, especially here in the north, has also stimulated more drug trafficking and the deadly crime associated with it, officials here contended.

Three more community police units are scheduled to open over the next year near Nova Constituinte.He has added 7,000 new police officers in the past four years and authorized 3,500 more this year.Bahia inaugurated its first community police unit in Calabar, a poor enclave surrounded by more expensive high-rises.Nóbrega said, and last year the state’s murder rate of 34.2 per 100,000 residents was higher than Rio’s, which fell to 29.8.(Bahia officials said that after leveling off in 2010, homicides were down 13 percent through July 2011 compared with the first seven months of 2010.) Travel agencies say they are concerned about the rise in violent crime in Bahia’s slums — as well as the drug-fueled petty assaults in Pelourinho, Salvador’s colorful historic center.The geography of violence in Brazil has been turned on its head the past few years.

In the southeast, home to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and many of the country’s most enduring stereotypes of shootouts and kidnappings, the murder rate actually dropped by 47 percent between 19, according to a study by José Maria Nóbrega, a political science professor at the Federal University of Campina Grande.

To counter criticism that its police have struggled to solve crimes, the Bahia State government established a dedicated homicide department earlier this year, with 150 officers focused on murder investigations. Conceição, the police did not set up security tape to prevent evidence contamination.

Among the challenges of the new unit is rooting out “extermination groups,” militias composed of police officers who have practiced vigilante justice and been suspected in dozens of murders, said Arthur Gallas, the homicide unit’s director. In the new department’s offices, investigators recently pored over stacks of files containing 1,500 unsolved homicides dating from before 2007. “Preserving evidence is very difficult here,” said Helder Cunha, a crime scene investigator, noting that a proposal to require crime scene tape in Bahia had yet to be put into practice.

A house in Nova Constituinte, in Salvador, is protected by a makeshift fence.

The arrival of crack cocaine has been particularly devastating there, and the number of murders in Bahia increased 430 percent between 19. By ALEXEI BARRIONUEVO Published: August 29, 2011 SALVADOR, Brazil — Jenilson Dos Santos Conceição, 20, lay face down on the rough concrete, his body twisted, sandals still on his feet, as the blood from his 14 bullet wounds stained the sloped alleyway.

So the authorities here are taking a page from Rio’s playbook, trying to grapple with the surge in violent crime by establishing permanent police units in violent areas frequented by drug traffickers.