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Johnson Bailey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is an American comedian/ entrepreneur best known for his work on season 2 of the hit reality show Shark Tank and the creation of the Original Man Candle.

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With being one of number 1 recruits coming out of South Carolina in 2009, Erskine really kicked everything in gear.Jared also teaches musical theater and opera performance to young singers.He performs regularly with a number of bands and classical ensembles."I want to bring to the table what people used to love on TV and not what their watching now. was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1987 and raised in northern Desoto Parish.I am allowing God to work through me to do what he has blessed me to do and also serve him at the same time."C. He has played several characters on stage, including Tom Sawyer in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Ghost in Hamlet, and Grumio in The Taming of the Shrew.Justin has been described in print by the late actress Ingrid Pitt as having "Star Quality" and press reviews of some of Justin's theatre work include descriptions as "Outstanding Performance" (as Abraham Lincoln) and "Mezmerizing" (as the mountaineer George Mallory in the original stage play "Eternal Equinox").. nominated score to The Walking Dead has eclipsed much of his earlier work and has shown him to be a composer of tremendous versatility.

Jared Emerson-Johnson is an award winning music composer, sound designer, voice director, and voice actor. Other recent scores are Back to the Future: The Game, Puzzle Agent 2, Jurassic Park: The Game, and the forthcoming score to The Wolf Among Us, based on the Fables comics.

While growing up Erskine wasn't like the other kids in the neighborhood because he was born with severe asthma.

Due to quite a few episodes of attacks one that led him to death, but the good Lord was not ready for him yet.

From being a San Diego Saber on The Game (BET) his last semester of college, Co-Starring With Robin Givins, Shawn Blakemore, and Demetria Mc Kinney in the stage play "Church Girl" Erskine finally heard God say "Football was the way for you to get the tools on becoming a man and getting an education, acting is what i have for you." Since then Erskine has been on numerous movies, TV shows, music videos and stage plays with well known A list Celebrities.

The biggest thing he has done is landing a role with the outstanding Tyler Perry, on his hit TV Show "The Haves and the Have Nots" Now he is partnering with Calhoun Cornwell with his production company "Da Creator Productions" producing and directing a TV/web show called "Black After These Messages" and feature film called "Lost but Found" and "Orangeburg 68" His vision with being an actor, producer, and director is just changing the industry in a positive light.

Formerly known as 'Justin Ellis', Justin is an American/British (dual citizen) film, TV and theatre actor..'Prototypes' which Justin has been often likened to by others is either a 'Hugh Jackman, 'Christian Bale' or a 'young Liam Neeson' type.

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